Global project work

Project Management


We have managed over 300 projects across markets, clients & categories and have a strong network of trusted partners around the globe.

With fieldwork experience in over 20 countries and across every continent, we confidently take on any project, whether it be a single market endeavor or a complex multi-country mission. 

Creative Qualitative & Anthropological Techniques
We are experts in developing projective, creative and anthropological fieldwork techniques. Whether it's through stimuli, exercises or types of questioning - we find the right tools to fit any cultural context.
Strategic Story Development
We know that data and insights are only as good as the story told with them. We pride ourselves in telling clear, compelling stories and believe that storytelling starts when a project begins not just when it ends.
Foundational Groundwork
Most clients have a tremendous amount of information already. To make the most of existing knowledge, we conduct desk research in the early stages of a project to create a valuable foundation of learnings - saving time, budget and resources in the long run.
Research Methodologies
We are well versed across a variety of methodologies, with experience in online & mobile research, social media listening, text analysis, semiotics, consumer safaris, observations, ethnographies, expert interviews and group discussions.
Sensorial Research
Truly understanding people’s experiences with a product or service requires more than questionnaires and interviews. With hundreds of sensorial sessions completed, we know how to deconstruct a product experience in a live setting and identify key elements that drive the greatest impact.

Results & Implications Workshops
The fun part is when it all comes together at the end of a project. Depending on client needs, presentations can be simply shared or engaging, cross-functional workshops can be facilitated as a way to socialize learnings and inspire teams.