Papers & thought pieces

Culture is the fascinating fabric that holds our lives together.
As a business, we constantly explore how culture translates into people's behavior and what it means for organizations. 
We've shared the results of our cultural exploration in peer-reviewed publications, thought pieces and online articles.
If you are looking to collaborate on a paper, to speak at a conference or to brainstorm for a thought piece, let us know.
Peer-reviewed paper development


Initiated and led Clear Strategy's first multicultural & peer-reviewed publication:

Empathy in action: Moving toward patient-centric care for multicultural type 2 diabetes patients. Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy, Aug 2016.

Collaborations to speak at international conferences

Led speaking engagements in Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia, Canada, Germany and the US.

Topics: Cultural Marketing & Anthropology, Cultural Identity, Culturally Sensitive Methodologies

Thought pieces
While academic papers and conferences are a great way to share knowledge, they also take time.
Writing shorter pieces in between makes it easier to share thoughts along the way and build momentum within like-minded networks.