Training & mentorship

Principle goals of each training session are:

  • Equip participants with qualitative tools and skills to set up, conduct, analyze and share results of qualitative projects

  • Elevate participants’ sensitivity of cultural and intangible aspects of projects

  • Enable participants to connect confidently with a community who shares their interest

  • Provide a safe space for participants to gain hands-on experience in fieldwork prep, interviewing techniques, analytical strategies and story telling

If you are a junior researcher who wants to work with a senior professional for developmental support  on cultural research topics, techniques, thesis/ paper writing or presenting, please reach out.

Building blocks of customized training can include:

Introduction to qualitative research around the globe
Scoping and setting
up an international project
Managing complex projects on the
Intercultural communication for diverse teams
Successful client management in field
Application of creative techniques in cultural settings
Moderating and interviewing 1 on 1
Applying simple yet effective analysis techniques in field
Building and telling an impactful story