Who we are



Global researcher

Mentor & facilitator

Intercultural communicator

Curious explorer

Wife and mum :)

My Story

My name is Stephanie Herold and I am the founder of Pockets of Culture.

Over the last 18+ years I have lived and worked in Germany, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, New York and now Trinidad & Tobago. Throughout my professional career in research agencies, I was always fascinated by different cultures, customs and traditions and how they drive people's mindsets and behaviors.


With my professional experience in over 30 countries and a passion for crafting culturally sensitive businesses and brands, I decided to found Pockets of Culture in early 2018.

I hold a PhD of Philosophy (Germany) in Applied Qualitative Methodologies with Multicultural Audiences, a Masters in Media Science, Psychology, Intercultural Business Communication (Germany) and a Masters in World Heritage and Cultural Projects for Sustainable Development (Italy). I have also completed courses in Digital Humanities (Digital Humanities Summer Institute, DHSI) and Museum Studies (Harvard Extension School).

I am excited to continue to collaborate with a global network of clients, partners, colleagues and friends on all things cultural. If you have an idea to discuss or potential partnerships in mind, please say hi.