Why Pockets?

Culture is everywhere - in our homes,  stores and workplaces. It's in every pocket of our lives and every pocket of our society.
Pockets are intriguing and make us curious. We are keen to know what is inside, eager to discover  hidden treasures and explore the unknown.
Because we are curious creatures and believe every pocket in life is worth exploring.
You never know what the next pocket holds for you. You never know what you can learn.
Be curious. Keep exploring.

Culture is dynamic, multifaceted and constantly evolving. With millions of people on the move every year, understanding how cultural dynamics are shaping habits and behaviors is now more important than ever before.

As businesses operate within multicultural societies and across markets, we believe that understanding cultural identity is essential to staying truly connected to consumers.


We are experts in identifying and deconstructing cultural drivers of consumer behaviors as they relate to business objectives in regards to: ​

  • multicultural markets (diversity within a country)

  • cross-cultural markets (differences and similarities across multiple countries)


We believe that having awareness and knowledge of the impact culture has on people’s behaviors, is fundamental for businesses moving forward.


Pockets of Culture is here to help and to partner with you.