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We’ve got you covered

Transformative leaps that propel brands in new directions. Strategic thinking and cultural guidance advance businesses' ability to grow and reach new markets. Working closely with our clients, we achieve long term success by focusing on what matters: helping them to expand and thrive through transformation.

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A note on culture 

Cultural expertise is at the heart of what we offer. Understanding culture's impact on people's behaviour is vital for companies moving forward. We use our international experiences and global network to help businesses and brands grow across markets. Insight into a local cultural identity is essential to authentically connect with consumers as businesses engage within multicultural communities and across markets.

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How we work

Our approach is always tailor-made. We meet you where your business is in the journey, to offer direction and strategy. Whether that's going global, finetuning your family business or getting a business market ready. So, tell us about yourself. What's your next business adventure? You can use our international knowledge and networks to take the next step in your growth.

Dr. Stephanie Herold, New York City

Hey, I'm Steph, and I am the founder of Pockets of Culture.

With over 20 years of professional experience and a love for shaping and building businesses and brands across markets, I launched Pockets of Culture in early 2018.



Unlock new markets through rigorous research methods. We design a research approach specifically for your business goals.


Build a holistic brand experience that works for domestic markets and internationally.


Optimise your business internally for an infrastructure that matches your brand’s objectives.


Building a business and brand is a tough task. Losing it is even tougher. Complete protection in relevant markets is key.


Understand your audience. Communicate with your customers and build connections.


Cultural understanding to crack global reach through research, experience, and international networks.

Tell us about your brand goals + let's strategise

Strategic business and brand building for ambitious enterprises

We build brands.

Pockets of Culture works with ambitious companies, from startups and family businesses to VCs and Private equity firms, to develop successful businesses. Our offerings include redesigns, rebranding, and repositioning. Getting market ready. Getting investor ready.


Our speciality? Building brands and businesses that work across cultures.

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